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Information on apprenticeships

So, you want to be an apprentice?

We have a number of apprenticeships available through Music4Good. They are highly sought after opportunities at record labels, collecting societies, industry bodies, publishing companies and management teams.

What is a Music4Good apprenticeship?

Music4Good offers dedicated music business apprenticeships that are 9 months long, full time, vocational learning opportunities with a fun and relevant educational aspect accredited to level 3 (equivalent to A-Level standard). See the Education section for more information.

On the job, the apprentice will be expected to work as a member of the team and will be given tasks, projects and responsibilities.

Music4Good selects suitable candidates matching their skills and interests with the most relevant employer.


18-24 years-old
Passion for music business is essential
Based near or living in London*

*Commuting is possible, but the employer or Music4Good does not cover this.

Apprentice commitment:
  • Four days a week working at a music industry employer e.g. Universal, Domino, PRS for Music etc.
  • One day a week at college learning about music business and the wider creative sector.
  • The working day is between 9-6pm, but can, as often is the case with the music industry, extend into the evening with gigs etc.
The benefits

There are numerous benefits to embarking on an apprenticeship, these can include:

  • Work at some of the music industries best companies
  • Make important contacts within the music industry
  • On the job training
  • Working with an exciting product, music, new artists etc
  • Working in an exciting, creative environment
  • Essential 'foot in the door' experience
  • Transferable business skills to other industries
  • Opportunity to earn and learn
  • Support from a dedicated team of managers, recruitment specialists and industry professionals
  • All of the above will enhance your employability and career prospects

Music4Good apprenticeships are paid opportunities, enabling apprentices to support themselves financially. We work closely with our employers to offer a suitable wage, this is approximately £1000 per month for the duration of the apprenticeship.

What skills make a good Music4Good apprentice?

Positive attitude - a positive outlook to life, work and other people is an effective tool of fitting in and developing relationships at work.

Reliability - being punctual and on time to work may seem obvious, but it is one of the easiest areas to slip up in and create a long lasting bad impression.

Hard working - the music industry may be glamorous on the outside, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. There is a lot of administration work involved in junior roles, which many apprentices fill.

Digital Skills - Knowledge and application of digital skills (social networking, HTML, etc) are key growth areas in music industry.

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Music4Good Apprenticeships Scheme

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