Below are some handy tips and links for anyone wishing to find out more about the music industry.

Online Resources

CMU Daily
- music business news service

- Music business news blog

Record of the Day
- music news subscription service

Music Week
- The music industry's traded magazine

Music Ally
- a digital music business information and strategy company

London Connected
- AIM supported service for independent labels and business.

U Talk Marketing
- is an online community for the marketing industry. It aggregates the latest marketing news, case studies, advertising campaigns etc

- web version of their indie focused print magazine

- web version of their urban focused print magazine

- Online music magazine

Resident Advisor
- independent electronic online music magazines record companies and distributors in the UK.

Musician's Union
Represents over thirty thousand musicians working in all sectors of the music business.

MMF (Music Managers Forum)
Represents the interests of Pop music artists managers. Subscription information, and services offered.

Print Magazines

These are all magazine you should be reading or familiar with.
Music Week -
Mixmag -
DJ -
Kerrang -
Clash -
Word -
Wired -
Mojo -
Q -


All the big papers have music supplements on the weekend.

Observer Music Monthly

The Independent

The Telegraph

The Times

Essential Reading

Books to buy or borrow:
Author - Title

  • Bill Drummond - 45
  • Bill Drummond/Jimmy Cauty - The Manual: How To Have A Number One The Easy Way
  • Ann Harrison - Music, The Business
  • David Kusek/Gerd Leonhard - The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Revolution
  • Andrew Loog Oldham - Stoned
  • Simon Napier-Bell - Black Vinyl, White Powder
  • Bill Brewster/Frank Broughton - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
  • Tony Portelli - The Music Industry Raw: Clubs, House and Garage
  • Sian Pattenden - How To Make It In The Music Business
  • Music Managers Forum - The Music Management Bible
  • Henri Charmasson - Dummies Guide to: Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Ewan Pearson/Jeremy Gilbert - Discographies: Dance, Music, Culture and the Politics of Sound
  • Rough Guide to Music (any from the series)
  • Brian Eno - A Year Of Swollen Appendices: The Diary of Brian Eno
  • Julian Cope - Head On
  • Paul Morley - Joy Division: Piece By Piece
  • John Peel/Sheila Ravenscroft - Margarve of the Marshes
  • Lloyd Bradley - Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King
  • Various edited by Barney Hoskyns - The Sound and the Fury: A Rock's Backpages Reader (Bloomsbury)
  • Norman Kelley - Rhythm and Business: The political economy of Black Music
  • Nelson George - Life and Def: The story of Russell Simmons
  • Jeff Chang - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
  • Erica Kennedy - Bling
  • Chuck D - Fight The Power
  • Craig Werner - A Change is Gonna Come
Industry Bodies

UK Music
A new umbrella trade organisation representing the collective interests of the UK's commercial music industry

BPI (British Phonographic Industry)
Trade body that represents the British recorded music industry.

AIM (Association of Independent Music)
The Association of Independent Music is a non-profit-making trade organisation for independent

Other Useful Organisations

Defcon Workshops
Specialise in creative artistic workshops for today's up-and-coming youth.

Urban Voice
A Midlands based production company dedicated to using the performing arts and new media to educate, entertain and inform.

Princes Trust
Help young people through training, skill building, business loans, grants, personal development and study support outside school.

Urban Development
Home of London's new urban music talent. Specialise in professional development, live events and education.

Bigga Fish
Specialise in events for young people.

Training for young people in industries such as music, film, fashion and IT.