Our employer partners are key to the success of the apprenticeships. Here is what some of them have to say about their experiences with Music4Good.

"It has meant a lot for Domino to be part of Music4Good. We've had a fabulous young girl working as part of our team for the past few months, which has been very beneficial to our work force and hopefully also taught her a bit about how the industry works. We are very keen to continue our partnership with Music4Good, a great company doing something truly wonderful for bright young people, giving them opportunities they otherwise just would not have."

Jodie Banaszkiewicz, Domino Records


"Music4Good has added real value to Sony Music and we will be continuing with the Music4Good apprenticeship program."

Mervyn Lynn, Sony Music.


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"We have found Music4Good very professional in their approach and found the quality of candidates to choose from very high. The key thing is that the people who work at Music4Good are passionate about helping young people get a break in the music and industry, which mirrors PRS for Music's own strategy"

Danny Adams, PRS for Music


"It's been an interesting experience, as well as helping us on our regular work, interns also teach us how 20 year olds of today are approaching & consuming music which is very important for us. This new generation is learning quick but get also bored very quickly so they need to be challenged constantly. I will definitely be keen to continue to work with interns from Music4Good because their energy is positive and their work has been good over all."

Pierre Bost, Greensleeves Records.